Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30 in History

  • January 30 is the 30th day of the year. There are 336 days remaining until the end of the year. 
  • 1048 – The villagers around today's Baden-Baden elected their own priest in defiance of the local Bishop.
  • 1615 – Thomas Rolfe, American colonial settler and son of Pocahontas and John Rolfe, was born. He died in 1675.
  • 1790 – The first boat built as a lifeboat was tested on the River Tyne.
  • 1806 – The original Lower Trenton Bridge (also called the Trenton Makes the World Takes Bridge), which spans the Delaware River between Morrisville, Pennsylvania and Trenton, New Jersey, was opened.
  • 1826 – The Menai Suspension Bridge, considered the world's first modern suspension bridge, connecting the Isle of Angesey to the north west coast of Wales, was opened.
  • 1835 – In the first assassination attempt against a US President, Richard Lawrence attempted to shoot president Andrew Jackson, but failed  and is subdued by a crowd, including several congressmen.
  • 1847 – Yerba Buena, California was renamed San Francisco.
  • 1862 – The first American ironclad warship, the USS Monitor, was launched.
  • 1911 – An airplane from the destroyer USS Terry made the first airplane rescue at sea.
  • 1913 – The UK’s House of Lords rejected the Irish Home Rule Bill.
  • 1933 – Adolf Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany.
  • 1948 – Mohandas Gandhi was assassinated by Nathuram Godse, a Hindu extremist.
  • 1956 – American civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.’s home was bombed in retaliation for the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
  • 1969 – The Beatles’ last public performance took place on the roof of Apple Recordsin London. Police broke up the concert.
  • 1971 – Carol King’sTapestry album was released, it became the longest charting album by a female solo artist and sold 24 million copies.
  • 1982 – The first PC virus code, which is 400 lines long and disguised as an Apple boot program called "Elk Cloner,” was written.
  • 1989 – The American embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan was closed.

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