Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Book Review: The Emperor's Tomb by Steve Berry

Steve Berry’s “The Emperor’s Tomb” is his ninth novel. In this outing, he intertwines history with modern-day action. Present once again are Cotton Malone, former CIA agent, and Cassiopeia Vitt, a woman who has saved Malone’s life on more than one occasion in other books. Together, they set off to find the son of another recurring character the Russian geologist Sokolov. The story takes place in several locations including Antwerp, Belgium and Xi’an, China. Playing a prominent role in the story is Qi Shin, first emperor of China. Berry weaves China’s history throughout the book.

Berry has become a master of weaving history seamlessly into his stories. In this case, the history of China, a subject many people have little or no knowledge of. The book seems to be well researched and accurate in its depiction of the scientific and technological inventions and innovations of the ancient Chinese. Berry also gives us a glimpse of Chinese politics, from ancient time to the more recent past providing details that are not well known outside the circle of Chinese scholars.

If you love history, love thrillers, and love your action fast and laced with guns and gunships, this book is for you. This is a long book, one you’ll be able to immerse yourself into without ever thinking you’re bored. Berry knows how to write thrillers that will enthrall his readers long into the night. You may find yourself unwilling to set the book aside, even to go to work.

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