Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book Review: Mad Madame Lalaurie

I picked this book up at a local Indie store, and was extremely pleased that I did. The authors, Victoria Cosner Love and Lorelei Shannon, tell the story that took place in 1834 New Orleans. They tell the tale of Delphine and Louis Lalaurie a prominent New Orleans couple. When firefighters broke through a locked door in the couple's home they allegedly found chained and mutilated slaves in the room. From that time on, rumors and allegations became a legend in which the Lalauries were charged with murder and torturing of their slaves. The couple fled New Orleans in the dead of night.

The authors did a thorough job of researching this book from sources found in libraries from New Orleans to St. Louis. They dug deep and came up with a compelling tale.

Not only did they come up with an interesting tale of intrigue, but the authors' story is fascinating as well. The authors have been friends since they were 14. How cool is it that childhood friends have collaborated on a book with a subject that has long fascinated them both.

If you love obscure history, New Orleans, and the macabre, you will love this story.

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