Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Your Dreams

Sarah Louise Delaney (September 19, 1889 - January 25, 1999) and her sister Annie Elizabeth “Bessie” Delaney (September 3, 1891 - September 25, 1995) wrote a book, The Delany Sisters’ Book of Everyday Wisdom, that was published in 1996 four days short of Sarah’s 110th birthday and Bessie would have been 105.

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Bessie Delaney Sarah Delaney

You’ve got to admire people who pursue their dream no matter when it comes to them or how long it takes them to begin making their dream come true.

For reasons of their own, many people postpone trying to make their secret dreams come true. They’re too busy, their kids are too small, they don’t have money, their husband/wife won’t like it, etc., etc. There are as many reasons not to pursue a dream as there are dreams.

The people I admire are the ones who strive to make their dreams come true when everyone is telling them that their dream is the impossible dream. The woman who decides to go to law school in her forties while her kids are still in high school. The man in his sixties who knows he can be a novelist who sits down one day and opens a new document and begins telling his story.

Not all of us have the courage to begin nor do all who try to make a dream come true succeed. At least, though, they will not go to their grave wishing they had given the dream a chance to come to fruition.

What if the Delaney sisters had decided they were too old to write that book? What if they said no one is interested in the wisdom of two old women. The world would be a less wise place without having read their thoughts.

Dreams are something everyone has. Some make those dreams come true, others die regretting that their dreams remained just that - dreams.

What are your dreams? Are you making them come true?

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